You know how you get really pissed off watching the company suck-up get another award or bonus?  Well that’s all about to change.

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Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 3.20.15 is a new app that lets employees bonus each other.  It’s smaller amounts of money per bonus, but they mean more, because they’re coming from the people you actually work with day to day.  It means less work for managers having to figure out how much goes to who – AND they get the added benefit of seeing who their quiet and sometimes overlooked top performers are.  Wanna know what’s even better – if you’re a small company, is free – and if you’re a little bigger it’s still really affordable.  You know how I know?  Because CEO and Co-Founder Raphael Crawford-Marks joined me on the phone for today’s Tech Tuesday to explain.

We also talked about Raphael’s path to co-founder of a start-up and what the process of looking for angel and VC funding is like.  If you’re thinking about starting, you’ll want to listen to this interview!  And if you’re a manager who wants to get better employee engagement, perhaps is the way to go.

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Things you should never ask a stranger to do over email.  Here’s the article I referred to.