In the guest chair: 

Margaret Martin & Dana Barrett

Margaret Martin & Dana Barrett

CN2, Inc. CEO, MargaretMartin joined Dana on the show this morning to chat new tech, augmented reality and gender diversity.

CN2’s content is superimposed onto the physical world and content is viewed from iOS and Android phones, tablets and other hands-free devices allowing you to “preview” before making a purchasing decision.

In the headlines:

  • The list of possible new owners of the Atlanta Hawks has been narrowed down to two groups of bidders. The groups are led by Santa Monica, California-based Lionsgate Entertainment Corp. Chairman, Mark Rachesky and Los Angeles-based Oaktree Capital Management LLC (NYSE: OAK) co-founder, Steve Kaplan. No official word yet on what kind of money we’re talking about or when the final deal will go down.
  • Speaking of the Atlanta Hawks… former Atlanta Hawk and eight-time All-Star, Dikembe Mutombo will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this fall. Congrats to him!
  • Atlanta based icon, The Weather Channel has a cloudy financial forecast from Wall Street to deal with these days. A good bit of the company’s income comes from the cable companies, who are also struggling with so many people finding other ways to get their content these days.
  • In some good news for an Atlanta based organization, and great Tech Tuesday story, defense contractor Raytheon is giving $5 million to Atlanta based Boys & Girls Clubs of America to build ‘Centers of Innovation’ that will offer military youth a place to use and develop their science and math skills.
  • After losing her long court case against Kleiner Perkins, Ellen Pao told Katie Couric recently that she and her lawyers are talking about what (if anything) to do next. (i.e. appeal anyone?)

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