Atlanta-Braves-RedOn this week’s edition of the BusinessRadioX Week In Review on biz1190AM, Dana shared clips from several BusinessRadioX shows in particular loving the name of one of the guests, Dr. LaBrita Cash-Baskett.  A name, almost as good as Benedict Cumberbatch… but not quite.

She also dug more deeply into the Braves move to Cobb County including a discussion of Deborah Dooley and the local Tea Party’s efforts to put a stop to it.  Deborah thinks the whole thing is underhanded and there may be some fat cats getting rich on the backs of taxpayers and Dana wonders if that could be true.

In the last segment, the soapbox comes out and Dana calls on the listeners to boycott the malls and stores ON Thanksiving Day.  “One day, People, without shopping, please!!” And then she goes on to share a report from the Atlanta Business Chronicle saying that basically nothing is a better deal on Black Friday.