On this Sunday’s Week In Review on biz1190AM, we aired clips from businessradiox.com, including several from the Results Matter Radio show.  Lloyd Lofton, the VP Sales for American Eagle Financial Services talked about the “if” customer vs. the “how” customer, explaining that the “if” customer is deciding IF they want to do business with you, where the “how” customer wants to work with you, but maybe can’t afford it and is trying to figure out HOW.

Cannabis leaf. Vintage background with torn edges. Isolated on wWe also focused on recent headlines in the world of cannabis, including the announcement from Eric Holder thatlegal pot businesses can now open bank accounts (even though pot is still not federally legal), Obama’s comments that “pot is no worse than alcohol”, and Ann Coulter’s comments that potheads “can’t perform any useful jobs”.

My personal belief is that pot IS no worse than alcohol… that it’s not a gateway drug anymore than alcohol is and that as a country we will benefit more from it being legal than illegal.  And thinking about it from a business standpoint is fascinating…. When will big companies get involved?  Will we see Superbowl commercials for the Budweiser best Buds?  Who will be the big winners from a dollars and cents perspective?  Or will the country turn into one big sad 80s style basement where we all just lay around and light up?

Other topics on the show:

  • Justin Beiber – acting out is the new rebranding!
  • The Richard Sherman rant and aftermath.  C’mon people  – this is 2014, long hair does and a temper does not make you a thug.
  • Weather Channel dropped by DirectTV.  And, will the Atlanta weather czars have some real competition from Accuweather, or is it just a bunch of hot air?