In the guest chair:


With musician, Ian Koteles, from 10th Concession and author, Wendy Wax.

National Bestselling author, Wendy Wax, joined us in-studio today to talk about the business of being a writer, and her new book The House on Mermaid Point that hits stores tomorrow. This is the 12th novel for Wax who writes humorous women’s fiction. Though she’s been writing for many years, this book brought a new twist, music. One of the book’s main characters is an aging rock star, and what better to go with an aging rock star than an actual song?

And that is where musician, Ian Koteles, comes in.  His band 10th Concession collaborated with Wendy to create the song Mermaid in You.  Ian also joined us in the studio to talk about the business side of music, and both Wendy and Ian talked about their collaboration.

Notable Quotes

“Readers and listeners want to know you now with social media and the internet in a way that didn’t exist before.”-Wendy Wax

“You really have to do a lot of marketing on your own. It can be a really slow build.”-Wendy Wax

“One of the things that separates those who are successful from those who are not is perseverance.”-Dana Barrett

“We are making the song available for free download. I hope you all will listen to it. It’s a fabulous song.”-Wendy Wax

“Exposure is exposure and we’ll take it anywhere we can get.”-Ian Koteles

“I kept writing about a song in the book then I thought it would be cool if the song really existed.”-Wendy Wax

“I write a lot of humor. As Mary Poppins said, ‘I think a spoon full of humor helps the realities go down.'”-Wendy Wax

“I worry about cultural events like the symphony because when you look around you see mostly white hair.”-Dana Barrett

In the headlines:

  • Yet another ousted CEO is fighting back. Last week we talked about LuluLemon founder Chip Wilson trying to get back in the mix, well now, it’s ousted American Apparel founder Dov Charney who’s making noise.
  • The new Braves stadium plans for extra parking not going as well as they may have hoped.
  • And talking about real estate development, a new non-profit is in the works to help with development on the west side of town next to the new Falcon’s Stadium.
  • And remember a couple of weeks ago we talked to SunTrust about virtual tellers – well, what about a virtual doctor? How would you feel about talking to your doctor long distance – screen to screen? Telemedicine is making strides here in GA.