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With Titania Jordan, SpokesMom with KidsLink

With Titania Jordan, SpokesMom with KidsLink

Titania Jordan, the SpokesMom and Brand Strategist for KidsLink joined us in the studio today to talk about protecting your child’s digital legacy.  KidsLink is a secure app where Mom’s can share info about their kids with their closest friends.  While definitely a social media app, KidsLink encourages parents to use the tool to create “micro-networks” of your real friends and family, with whom you actually want to share personal information.  She says the app is different in that you own your own data and while it is cloud based, she says that the company has created a higher level of security than what we are seeing on other social networks.

Titania also talked about the mission of the company being “to make Moms lives easier” and explained that whatever direction the company takes as it launches and grows this will be the driving force.

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