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Dr. Deborah Cohen & Dana Barrett

Dr. Deborah Cohen & Dana Barrett

Dr. Deborah Cohen, MD, a Public Health Researcher at RAND and author of A BIG FAT CRISIS: the Hidden Influences Behind the Obesity Epidemic– and How We Can End It  joined me in the studio today to talk about the obesity crisis in America.

We discussed why it’s happening, whose fault it is and what business and government can do to make change.  Before you start stammering that we don’t need more government interference in our lives (which I often say myself), listen to what Dr. Cohen has to say about regulation.  There are definitely some regulations that we really like and want, (like building codes, and safe drinking water!!).

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Can we please…. please… please not shop on Thanksgiving day?  Just because a store decides to be open doesn’t mean you have to go there and give them money.  And guess what, if we do the opposite, (and I mean all of us), and don’t go there – perhaps they will get the message and let one day be about family, food and football.

Keep in mind, as I bitch about this, that I am PRO business and I LOVE to shop.  It is my sport of choice.  But really.  One day?  Can’t we have that? As far as I’m concerned it’s a tacky choice on the part of Macy’s to be open on Thanksgiving.  It says that they care more about making money than they do about their staff or about respecting family tradition.   If they would focus on happy employees and the highest level of customer service they wouldn’t have to bother with this nonsense.

My plea to you?  Don’t go.  Don’t shop on Thanksgiving Day. AND pass the word to all of your friends to abstain as well.  You know a good place to spread the word?  Social media.  Just sayin’. #savethanksgiving #boycottmacys #boycottblackthursday #StopBlackThursday

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