In the guest chair:

Don Barden

Don Barden

Behavioral Economist, Author of The Perfect Plan, and regular contributor, Don Barden joined Dana live in studio to discuss decision making and the next pillar of The Perfect  Plan: Real Education.

Don Barden, a senior level behavioral economist and 27 year Wall Street veteran. He is currently the CEO of DDS Financial and his books are published in over 39 county’s around the globe. DDS Financial is a business consultation, accounting, and coaching firm that specializes in dental, medical, and specialty practices.

Plus, Adam Gajdharsingh joined the show for our weekly Work Hard/Play Hard segment, highlighting events in Atlanta.

In the headlines:

  •  Wells Fargo is testing new technology for secure logins for customers.  Instead of usernames and passwords the new system would rely on biometrics.  Could be facial recognition, fingerprint, etc.  It’s just in the testing phase right now, but apparently as soon as they let that story out people got really excited.  Apparently we all really hate the whole password thing!
  • A company called JPX is planning a new condo building on Peachtree in the Peachtree Battle area.  It’s a very futuristic and cool looking building….and the most interesting part is that it is a condo… not an apartment.
  • Atlanta is the #2 metro area for job growth, coming in just behind Dallas/Fort Worth.  An interesting note in the Business Chronicle article, the only sector in Atlanta that is down more than 1,000 jobs is “information”. Dana wonders if that’s because everyone is leaving their cushy jobs to start companies!
  • The well known Atlanta catering company Legendary Events is opening a second event facility in Buckhead.  They are currently renovating a former auto dealership at 3126 Piedmont Road.
  • A new tech organization is planning to give away $1 million worth of website design services to non-profits who need them.  The event is called 48 in 48 where they will gather 250 volunteers to build 48 websites in 48 hours.   The event will take place in October at General Assembly in Ponce City Market.  For more info – and to volunteer, go to
  • Last but not least, there’s been some movement in the sharing economy on whether or not the do-ers, Uber drivers, Instacart delivery people, etc. are employees or contractors.  One lawyer is filing suits against many of these companies…including Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and Shyp and now a couple of them have decided to change tact.  Shyp is now calling it’s couriers employees and Instacart has done this with some but not all of it’s shoppers.

Other stuff:

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