The Restaurant Business, and What Does a Degree in Entreneurship Get You?

It’s easier to get a gun in Sandy Springs, than a sex toy. That’s right folks. Welcome to Georgia! This story and more topping today’s local headlines on The Dana Barrett Show.

In the Guest Chair: 

Fred Castellucci, Stephanie Castellucci & Dana Barrett

Fred Castellucci, Stephanie Castellucci & Dana Barrett

During hour one, Fred Castellucci and Stephanie Castellucci of Castellucci Hospitality Group joined us in studio to talk the restaurant biz! This brother/sister duo dished on why they’re moving one of their restaurants, Double Zero, from Sandy Springs to Decatur.

During hour two, Dr. Michael Jordan, Associate Director of Entrepreneurship And Innovation Institute at Georgia State University joined us in studio! Dr. Jordan was in to talk education, innovation, and explained the importance of having experience.

Dr. Michael Jordan & Dana Barrett

Dr. Michael Jordan & Dana Barrett

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