In the guest chair:


With Melissa Packman

The CEO of addONE Marketing Solutions, Melissa Packman, joined us in the studio today to all things marketing and outsourcing.

addONE Marketing Solutions delivers experienced, marketing staffing solutions to fit any size project or budget.

Prior to founding addONE in 1998, Melissa worked for The Coca-Cola Company, beginning as a coordinator in Consumer Affairs and working her way up to Operations Manager. She is also a member of the Network of Executive Woman and Society of Human Resource.

Notable Quotes:

“addONE Marketing helps companies add one team member to help with any size project.”-Melissa Packman

“Marketing changes daily.”-Melissa Packman

“Just because you know how to use a tool doesn’t mean you know what to say via that tool.”-Dana Barrett

“You need to have a plan for social media marketing on Twitter and Facebook.”-Melissa Packman

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