Okay – so you’ve graduated.  Now what?  You could get a job, right?  That is the next obvious step.  But perhaps the goal of toiling away in a cube, working for “the man” is something you want to put off for a little while. Or maybe you’re trying your little heart out but the perfect job happens to be eluding you.  If you’re parents are sassing you and your dog won’t let you have the best seat on the couch, I have some suggestions on how to fill your days.

1 – Backpack through Europe with Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door.  All the cool kids are doing it, so why not you?  And trust me, once you start this working every day crap – you will not find the time.  And besides, when else in your life are you going to be comfortable sharing a bathroom with a bunch of strangers?
2 – Get rich quick. You’ll need money for the above trip to Europe and The Dollar Bills will show you how to get it with LOADED!. And if that doesn’t work (which it probably won’t), you’ll at least have something to laugh about as your friends text you from the Eiffel Tower and you fight with Fido over the best treats and the remote control.
3 – Learn how to brew your own beer. This will be a necessary skill since you will not be able to afford to buy any and your friends will all be in Europe so you can’t drink theirs. Plus your mom will totally be into the mess you make in her kitchen. I’m suggesting BREW LIKE A MONK by Stan Hieronymus*, since his name is AWESOME. And you might as well get comfortable with the idea of being a monk since no one will want to date you now that you are a jobless couch potato.
4 – EAT. Eating is always a delightful way to fill the day and it goes so well with television. Especially a marathon of all the TV shows you missed while partying in college. Here, I am going to go out on a limb and assume your beer was good enough to drink and you are in now in need of a hangover cure. I’m recommending THE HUNGOEVER COOKBOOK by Milton Crawford who is my new best friend (whether he likes it or not).
5 – Watch or read Fight Club. This was a tough one. For number 5 I was debating between suggesting actually looking for a job or reading/watching FIGHT CLUB. I opted for FIGHT CLUB. Read the book, watch the movie, or perhaps just give yourself a good slap. Work can wait. You’ve got your whole life for that.

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor

*I think hieronymus would work well as a derogatory term for someone who has graduated college but never worked a day in his life. (e.g. That Dude is such a hieronymus). Try it. You’ll like it.