Happy Earth Day!  Today I am doing my part to help Mother Earth by doing absolutely nothing.  I figure if I sit perfectly still, I won’t be creating any trash or wasting any electricity.  Okay, I had to make an exception to write this post – but after this I’m going to turn off the laptop (okay and the TV) and I pledge to do absolutely nothing.  For the rest of the day.  Well, maybe I’ll read.  I only need one lamp for that, and I won’t have to turn it on until much later.  AND it’s one of those environmentally friendly bulbs.

But seriously… whatever your beliefs… I think we can agree that conservation is good, landfills are bad and organic cotton is nice and soft.  And we can always use a reminder on taking care of our planet.  Of course, the wee ones still need to learn all about being green, and to that end I present today’s list:

1 – THE LORAX by Dr. Suess
2 – THE CURIOUS GARDEN by Peter Brown
4 – OUR BIG HOME by Linda Glaser
5 – THE GREAT KAPOK TREE by Lynn Cherry

Happy Reading and Happy Earth Day!

— Dana Barrett, Managing Editor