Business meetingOn Sunday’s Business RadioX Week in Review on 1190AM, Dana focused on the intersection of work & family.

The featured BusinessRadioX clips related to the topic and Dana shared some personal stories about her own experiences working with friends and family.  She also dug up this top 5 list:

Top 5 Reasons Not to Work with Family:

#5 – They know all your embarrassing teenage moments and might use them against you in front of other employees.

#4 – You won’t be able to ask them to work on holidays because you sister (or brother or Mom or Aunt) will be really pissed at you if little Joey misses Christmas dinner).

#3 – They will tell on you to Mom, or Dad or whoever will most terrify you, if you do something they don’t like.

#2 – They will feel like they can do whatever they want because you can’t fire them.

#1 – Um… you can’t fire them.