In the guest chair: 

Nathan Bach, Dana Barrett & Dalton Lilley

Nathan Bach, Dana Barrett & Dalton Lilley

Dream Writers‘ Executive Producers, Nathan Bach and Dalton Lilley joined Dana live in studio to chat about the business side of TV and our entertainment sector here in Atlanta.

Plus, Adam Gajdharsingh of joined the show for our weekly Work Hard/Play Hard segment, highlighting events in Atlanta.

Dream Writers is derived from a single, simple idea: What if other people wrote your dreams? It’s a concept yet to be explored in the television industry and the Dream Writers team hopes this project will be the first.

In the headlines:

  • It’s official: former Atlanta Fire Chief, Kelvin Cochran has filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Atlanta and Mayor Reed saying that he was terminated for his religious beliefs.
  • Renasant Bank, out of Mississippi is going after an Atlanta millionaire for not paying back a $6 million dollar business loan…$2 mil of which was personally guaranteed.
  • Wal-Mart is planning to give raises to hourly US workers. They’ll move from minimum wage to $9 per hour this year and up to at least $10 per hour next February. The move will impact 500,000 workers.
  • The transportation funding bill aimed at fixing Georgia’s roads and bridges cleared a legislative committee Wednesday. The bill proposes raising more than $1 billion a year in new transportation funding in Georgia by 2020 and comes on the heels of a new study that says the current road conditions are costing Georgia motorists around $7.9 million per year in gas, excessive repairs, etc.
  • Earlier this week, Dana mentioned the Silicon Valley sexual harassment suit filed by Ellen Pao against VC firm Kleiner Perkins… well Kleiner Perkins is not quietly slinking away. They’re going on the offensive against Ellen Pao with some pretty interesting allegations of their own.

Other stuff:

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