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Uber is a no-show!

Uber is a no-show!

No one!  Today’s show did a quick turnabout – when Keith Radford of Uber Atlanta was a no show.  Since Keith didn’t bother to let me know he couldn’t make it until 9:43PM last night – a message I did NOT receive until 8:43AM today (17 minutes before the live show), we had to switch topics to “Rude Business Behavior”.  Keith said he couldn’t make it because of an “armed robbery” at their office.  Which he obviously knew about 11 hours before show time.  I find it odd, that a robbery that occurred 11 hours prior would stop you from honoring a commitment you had made weeks ago.  On a LIVE radio show!  What it says to me is that Keith did not value me… or my listeners.  I’m willing to bet that if it had been the Oprah show (before it went off the air) or an appearance on CNN, Keith would have shown up.  Which means he could have shown up to my show too.  Or sent a replacement.  Or called in.  But alas no.

So to that end I asked callers to share their experiences being treated rudely in a business situation.  They did!  And we had fun with it!  In fact, one caller Dorothea mentioned this article:

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And in the headlines:

Last but not least – don’t forget Mother’s Day – this Sunday!  Here’s the full article I shared with gift ideas.