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With Johnson Cook

CEO of Voxa, Johnson Cook, joined us in the studio today to talk all things technology and startups.

Voxa is a productivity tool that acts a personal assistant for your #sales team, automating #CRM data entry with seamless integration between email and

Johnson wears a variety of hats in the Atlanta tech community.  In addition to being CEO of Voxa, he is also a co-founder of the Atlanta Tech Village, and investor at Atlanta Ventures, and President of the Entrepreneurs Organization, Atlanta (EO).

Notable Quotes:

“Atlanta mayor, Kasim Reed, calls federal lawsuit over the new Tyler Perry Studio at Fort McPherson ‘total garbage’.”-Dana Barrett

“I’m in a war with my email and it has won.”-Dana Barrett

“We set the goal to be the fastest growing Atlanta startup around when we started under a year ago.”-Johnson Cook

“The tech world has become really product focused but they aren’t really skilled in building a business.”-Johnson Cook

“The money goes where the deals are… it’s very simple.”-Johnson Cook

“Atlanta is easily going to be a top 10 startup city in the next five years.”-Johnson Cook

“It’s all about who you know.”-Dana Barrett

“Raising money is like cliff jumping. You have to run for the edge.  You have to commit to it or you’ll hit the rocks.”-Johnson Cook

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