Welcome to 2018: Hot Tea, The Hargro Brothers, You NEED a Budget and a New Mayor for the ATL

January 2, 2018 – Guests & Stories

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In the National Headlines:

  • Mariah Carey’s NYE hot tea is the first meme of 2018
  • No wait: Apple offers $29 replacement batteries immediately http://cnnmon.ie/2EuaVLM
  • ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ hits $1 billion worldwide http://cnnmon.ie/2EyqJ0g
  • A tsunami of store closings is about to hit the US — and it’s expected to eclipse the retail carnage of 2017 http://read.bi/2DLN6y3
  • Recreational marijuana is officially legal in California http://read.bi/2DLHUtT
  • Trump tweets New Year’s Eve message to ‘supporters, enemies, haters’ and even the ‘Fake News Media’ http://lat.ms/2EwmJNG
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