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With Eric Holtzclaw

Regular contributor and chief strategist at Laddering Works, Eric Holtzclaw, joined us in the studio today to talk about the different types of leadership and how to expand your company.

Click here for a link to a column written by Eric on The Secret to Explosive Growth.

Laddering Works, creates opportunity by strategically applying emerging technologies, trends and approaches to successfully scale and streamline business.

Eric specializes in working with companies that need to move from entrepreneurial run to professionally managed — a transition that is difficult for most companies to successfully achieve.

Notable Quotes:

“I can often tell what kind of leader I’m working with based on when I get responses from them”-Eric Holtzclaw

“Ultimately with leadership we’re looking for that balance between being internally-focused and externally-focused.”-Dana Barrett

“You need to know who you are at the core of your company.”-Eric Holtzclaw

“It’s a little scary to look in the mirror and accept that you’re not perfect.”-Dana Barrett

“Just because you like one aspect of a particular business doesn’t mean that you will like all of them.”-Dana Barrett

“Knowing your blind spots is as important as knowing your strengths.”-Eric Holtzclaw

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