In the guest chair:

Ira Malkin and Dana Barrett

Ira Malkin and Dana Barrett

Former owner of a Furniture Refinishing and Design Company, Ira Malkin joined Dana live in studio to talk about the rise and fall of a business, and how selling a business can go wrong. Plus, the Roundtable from Atlanta Tech Edge with KP Reddy, Allison Eman (Venture Atlanta), and Scott Henderson discussed Atlanta’s global reputation as a tech hub.

In the headlines:

  • Coca-Cola is moving 500 employees working in Cobb County back to Atlanta.  It’s part of their plan to “increase the efficiency of our real estate footprint”…aka stop wasting money.  This will leave the building in Cobb completely empty which would make it a good landing spot for a large company’s HQ.  Here’s hoping.
  • The Hawks are getting new uniforms – and the reviews – at least on Twitter are less than flattering.  Dana’s take:  We (humans) don’t like change.
  • People might not like the idea of a toll lane on I-85, but they sure are using it. The State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) is projecting $9.1 million in toll revenues for the fiscal year starting July 1, an increase of about 25 percent over this year.
  • A Democratic state senator from Atlanta wants to abolish Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia. Dana didn’t know we still had this. Seriously? How embarrassing.  Your great grandpappy was a Confederate soldier?  Sorry.  Dana’s yankee side came out on this one. If the Germans wanted to celebrate Nazi day we would be outraged.  It is not okay to celebrate this.
  • Gmail now has a feature that live radio doesn’t.  An undo button.  Gmail now has a feature where you get 30 seconds after hitting send to pull an email back from the ether.  Very cool.  Dana needs a feature like that for her mouth. It is what it is.

Other stuff:

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