This morning I was in-studio with Dana talking about all the channels available for communicating your stories and how to figure out which ones are right for your business.  So here’s the deal…don’t focus on all the tools, just the right ones for your brand.

Social media buttonsFacebook, Twitter and YouTube are the juggernauts of social media, but how do you use them effectively to grow your business?

Moreover, there are a slew of other social tools that add value to companies, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit and Yelp!, to name a few. There are so many social tools, and so little time. And worse, there is so little assurance as to which is right for you or your company’s brand.

As the knight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade said, “You must choose. But choose wisely.” Or, as anyone can attest from the dating world, you have to be on the lookout for the right match. Some partnerships make more sense than others:

  • Are you in the B2B space? Pair up with LinkedIn or Twitter. The business tone of the one balances out the quick-thought-leadership potential of the other.
  •  Perhaps your brand is more B2C. Spend time with Instagram and YouTube instead. They’re visual mediums, and give you a better opportunity to showcase or demonstrate a product or service.
  •  Facebook is a good choice for the consumer, too, though its organic search has dropped significantly. It’s great for reaching moms, teens and retirees.

No matter which social tools you choose to use for your business, it’s important to put serious thought into how you plan to use them. For this, nothing is as effective as a good content curator who can complement your traditional media tools by helping you reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

In today’s always-on, always-connected culture, managing social can take one or more people full-time to get it done right. But rest assured, investing in social media community managers, content curators and content creators – and even a sliver of your own time — is smart. That’s because, today, social is where the money, and the magic, happens for your brand.

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— Margaret Lisi, CEO of ST!R Marketing and Regular Contributor on The Dana Barrett Show on biz 1190 AM WAFS