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With Jackie Parker, President of OnBoard

Board President of OnBoard, Jackie Parker, joined us in the studio today to talk about the need for more women in the board room and in the C-suite.

OnBoard, formerly the Board of Directors Network (BDN), was founded in 1993 with the initial focus of increasing the number of women on corporate boards of both public and private companies. Today, OnBoard has grown into a prestigious organization as the leading authority on women in the boardroom and executive suites of Georgia public companies and publisher of the annual (and first-ever) study on women’s progress in holding public board and C-suite positions.

Jackie Parker is president and founder of JWP Consulting LLC, a firm that assists corporations and nonprofits to design and implement strategies to achieve social impact. In addition to her OnBoard leadership, she currently serves as a board member for the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education, Board of Councilors of the Carter Center, YWCA-Atlanta Chapter, Leadership Atlanta, and the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Notable Quotes:

“Apple CEO, Tim Cook, isn’t happy with the company’s diversity numbers. The numbers show that 70 percent of their global workforce is male.”-Dana Barrett

“It’s about dreaming big and holding true to what you believe.”-Jackie Parker

“Facts and research show that when there is diversity at the top there is more innovation and greater growth.”-Jackie Parker

“If you have a seat at the table use your voice.”-Jackie Parker

“OnBoard was started in 1993. The group advocates to get more women in the highest level of organizations in Georgia.”-Jackie Parker

“One thing that we’re quite proud of is that we offer a referral service. It’s a great opportunity to connect companies who are looking for qualified women board members with the perfect candidates.”-Jackie Parker

“I’m sick of trending! I don’t care what’s trending! What’s trending right now is the word trending and it’s getting on my nerves!!”-Dana Barrett

“You know what I want to know about?! What’s not trending! The stories that aren’t being told over and over again.”-Dana Barrett

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