Dana Barrett  Chris Appleton

Dana Barrett & Chris Appleton

In the Guest Chair:

Chris Appleton, Co-Founder and Executive Director of WonderRoot joined us during hour one to talk all things art. He dished on painting murals for MARTA and WonderRoot‘s weekly artist show at Ponce City Market, which begins February 12th!

Marisa Salcines Kashapov

Marisa Salcines Kashapov

Marisa Salcines Kashapov, President & Chair of International Charter School of Atlanta joined us during hour two. Marisa explained that the school is a state charter, meaning children from across the state are welcome to attend. The school offers four languages, Mandarin, Spanish, German, and French.

Dana Barrett  Lara Hodgson

Dana Barrett & Lara Hodgson

NOW Corp‘s President and CEO, Lara Hodgson, was in studio to dish on NOWAccount, the first payment solution that works for B2B. She explained that most businesses fail not because their product or services aren’t popular, but because they run out of money.

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