In the guest chair:

Kelly Kierans, Jennifer White, Dana Barrett

Kelly Kierans, Jennifer White, Dana Barrett

Today’s show began with ATP hour as Director of Partnerships, Jennifer White and Kelly Kierans, Co-Chair for this year’s upcoming Awards Gala joined Dana live in studio. Margaret Lisi, regular contributor and CEO of ST!R Marketing joined in for the second hour to discuss why your employees should be your brand ambassadors.

ATP is where IT professionals come together to connect and learn. The non-profit organization, now in its 15th year, hosts monthly events that dive deep into industry trends and business drivers that are changing the world of connectedness. Its annual awards gala, CIO roundtable, and golf tournament are recognized as premier industry events in Atlanta.

Margaret Lisi & Dana Barrett

Margaret Lisi & Dana Barrett

ST!R Marketing is a storytelling agency, using communication to connect businesses with their clients through all forms of media. ST!R Marketing is experienced at helping their client partners develop the right messages for the right audiences that enable business transformation for their people, platforms and processes.

In the headlines:

  • Kickstarter has partnered with the UN Refugee Agency to help provide relief to the millions of refugees seeking safety in the Middle East and Europe. 
  • The new Falcons Mercedes Benz Stadium (The Benz!) will feature a sleek new pedestrian bridge that will connect fans to the Vine City MARTA station. Better than a bridge over 285 in Dana’s opinion.
  • The newly launched Georgia Film Academy has plans to build a 15,000-square-foot sound stage at Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville, GA. The academy will have 10,000 square feet of classroom space, access to state-of-the art post-production and “resources to teach the full range of film and TV development.” Construction is slated to be complete within six months.
  • City leaders hope successful negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal reached in Atlanta over the weekend will bode well for future international gatherings. The United States and 11 other Pacific Rim nations announced Monday that they had agreed to the largest regional economic pact in history – an agreement that could set the stage for global trade for others. The 12 nations that are part of the trade deal represent 40 percent of all global commerce.
  • And 5 companies with Atlanta headquarters (or at least North American headquarters here) landed on the 2015 Best Global Brands list from Interbrand… No. 3 The Coca-Cola Co., No. 29 United Parcel Service Inc., No. 81 Sprite, No. 12 Mercedes-Benz, No. 56 Porsche.
  • And Metro Atlanta McDonald’s now serving breakfast all day… but in a disappointing turn of events, it’s a limited menu that doesn’t include the Egg McMuffin!!
  • Last week, Dana spent some time discussing a new app called Peeple that lets you rate people on a scale of 1 to 5 and make comments. Well, Julia Cordray, the co-founder and CEO of Peeple, the human-rating app, spent the weekend defending her product, and then took down the company’s social media pages. In an open letter to Twitter titled “Dear Twitter, Shame on You,” Cordray expressed her frustration toward Twitter for not doing anything to “protect its users” from abuse and announced she’s pulled the @peepleforpeople account from the site. Cordray wrote that any accounts with her name, Peeple’s name or co-founder, Nicole McCullough’s name are fake. Weird that she’d attack Twitter when she’s creating an app for people to attack each other, no?

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