In the guest chair:

Marissa Donker, Dana Barrett, Lindsey Planovsky

Marissa Donker, Dana Barrett, Lindsey Planovsky

Bring the Kids Events Owner, Marissa Donker joined Dana during the first hour to discuss safe child care at grown up events. For the second hour, Verse Brand Strategy CEO, Christine Walker talked with Dana about personal branding and how companies can better handle a brand crisis.

Bring the Kids events was founded in 2010 with the goal to provide dependable, safe and fun event child care services. The founders’ combined 12 years experience in the private child care sector has given Bring The Kids Events the unique knowledge of caring for and entertaining children of all ages, whether in a small group setting or at a large event. The BTK team of certified event professionals will ensure your youngest guests are happy and entertained during your next event.

Christine Walker & Dana Barrett

Christine Walker & Dana Barrett

Verse helps small to medium-sized businesses elevate their credibility and clarify their own unique brand movement through brand research, strategy, and consulting.

In the headlines:

  • So yeah – processed meat is bad for you. Will that stop anyone from eating it? The World Health Organization released a study Monday saying that eating processed meat like hot dogs, bacon and cold cuts will increase your risk of getting colon cancer by 18%. The question – what does that mean statistically? Experts say the increase in risk is so slight that most people should not be overly worried about it. If you start at 1% – 18% of that is .18 – so that means you’d now have 1.18% chance. Oh, the media hype. And, by the way, the oldest person in the world is 116 and she eats bacon every day.
  • UPS expects holiday deliveries in 2015 to spike 10 percent to 630 million packages, as consumers look to spend more and prefer ecommerce.
  • Mayor Reed says he believes The Hawks will stay at Phillips Arena for many years to come and to ensure that, the wants to spend up to $250 million on improvements. (Chump change… compared to new stadiums for The Braves and The Falcons!).
  • Congrats to another Dana Barrett Show alum… Alpharetta-based network security firm Lancope Inc. is being acquired by Cisco Systems for $452.5 million. Not too shabby!
  • Citing threats of on-site violence, SXSW officials canceled two interactive panels discussing harassment in video games. Now, BuzzFeed may withdraw its participation in the event in protest.
  • The Theranos story: Theranos has been under scrutiny for nearly two weeks following a Wall Street Journal story that stated its revolutionary blood tests that could screen for many illnesses and conditions with only a small amount of blood weren’t working as they should. Now – Walgreens is backing away from a deal with this woman-owned business.
  • A new study says “Leaning In” might actually work for women – but only if they advocate strongly for their team. Advocating strongly for themselves apparently still makes a woman that word that starts with B and rhymes with witch.

Other stuff:

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