In the guest chair:


With Jennifer Schwartz

The creator of Crusade for Art, Jennifer Schwartz, joined us in the studio today to talk all things art.

Crusade for Art is a non-profit organization focused on cultivating demand for art, specifically fine art photography.

Jennifer owned a fine art photography gallery in Atlanta (Jennifer Schwartz Gallery) for five years, showcasing the work of emerging photographers. She also created the online project, The Ten, and is the co-creator of Flash Powder Projects.

Jennifer believes in empowering photographers to be innovative and create audiences for their work.

Notable Quotes:

“I had a friend who told me to stop doing a million things and just do one thing.”-Jennifer Schwartz.

“I sold the bus, lady blue. Used the money to start a non-profit. I now travel in a more conventional fashion.”-Jennifer Schwartz

“I think it’s important to create new ideas and opportunities to get people excited about art.”-Jennifer Schwartz

“If you want to succeed in art you really have to be a business person.”-Dana Barrett

“The ability to shamelessly self-plug which we do on this show a lot is a tough thing to do.”-Dana Barrett

“It’s partly recognizing the barriers to entry. People are intimidated by art and don’t know enough about it to buy it.”-Jennifer Schwartz

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