Women on Wednesday, Health Care, Sessions, and Prevent Blindness Georgia

Show Guests:

Jessica Lucia

Jessica Lucia, the Director of Grants & Marketing at Prevent Blindness Georgia joined us for Women on Wednesday today.  We talked about the personal and social impact of blindness and the fact that 80% of blindness in kids can be prevented.

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In the national headlines:

  • Senate Votes 51-50 to Proceed With Health-Care Debate  ( http://on.wsj.com/2vGmtqX )
  • BUT THEN Voted Down Repeal and Replace with 57-43 including 9 Republicans Against. Today, the Senate is expected to take up a separate bill that would largely repeal the ACA with a two-year expiration date, to give lawmakers time to craft a replacement.
  • It’s Late and You’ve Got the Munchies. Lyft and Taco Bell Have an Idea. ( http://nyti.ms/2vGH922 )
  • Democrats warn of ‘constitutional crisis’ as Trump steps up attacks on his own attorney general ( http://read.bi/2uv74eD )
  • Consumers Notched a Big Win Against Fine Print 2 Weeks Ago. The House Just Voted to Roll It Back (http://ti.me/2uwD4Pn )

Women on Wednesday Headlines:


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