With Julie Brown

In the guest chair:

Founder of My Julie Bees, Julie Brown, joined us in the studio today to talk all things shoes.

Julie Bee’s was established after Julie was unable to find sustainable fashion forward shoes to wear to work and out with friends. Shoes today are made with little regard to the environment and the long-term effects on our communities. The  shoes are constructed with ecologically sustainable leathers and vintage pieces providing a delightful visual and stylish appeal.

Julie started with the Department of Homeland Security and consulted for many years in Washington DC before starting Julie Bees.

Notable Quotes:

“We wanted to make a sustainable, eco-friendly pair of shoes.”-Julie Brown

“You have to take 100 no’s to get 1 yes.”-Julie Brown

“We’re in one to ten million dollar boutiques all across the country.”-Julie Brown

“We’re getting ready to allow our customers to be a part of the design process.”-Julie Brown

“Bloggers have been a huge resource in helping spread our brand’s name and popularity.”-Julie Brown

“When I love something I buy it for everybody else.”-Dana Barrett

“If the first pair of shoes I buy from a particular brand isn’t comfortable I won’t go back and buy another pair.”-Dana Barrett

“Making sure you get your foot measured every time you go to get a new pair of shoes is very important.”-Julie Brown

“Last year women bought $9 billion worth of shoes online.”-Julie Brown

“If you don’t have an exit then you don’t know how to get there.”-Julie Brown

“This radio show is The Hotel California.”-Dana Barrett

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