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With Bernadette Boas

CEO and Principal Consultant of Ball of Fire Inc., Bernadette Boas, joined us in the studio today to talk leadership.

Bernadette is the founder of Ball of Fire Inc., a media and entertainment company, as well, Ball of Fire Consulting, a business management and leadership growth company.

She is known as a ‘ball of fire’ author, speaker, screenwriter, and leadership change agent… who inspires, motivates and equips women, companies and business cultures with the mindset needed to achieve success and prosperity in their life and business.

Notable Quotes:

“Twitter’s stock went up over 35% last night.”-Dana Barrett

“The Georgia Sales Tax Holiday is this weekend. A few tips are buy big ticket items, look for specials, and stay within the limits.”-Dana Barrett

“The best education you can ever get for business is a corporate environment.”-Bernadette Boas

“Most entrepreneurs often get started because they got fired.”-Dana Barrett

“After I got fired I was in the parking lot wondering why I was thrilled that I just lost a high power, high paying job.”-Bernadette Boas

“I think women have a chip on their shoulder going right in. Think it’s why I went down the path that I chose.”-Bernadette Boas

“Too many women feel that they are being left out instead of stepping up and being assertive to get what they want.”-Bernadette Boas

“Being a leader isn’t about being ahead of the pack it’s about being behind them and letting them go and do what they need.”-Bernadette Boas

“A lot of managers are micro-managers. They feel in order to get something done right and on time have to do it themselves.”-Bernadette Boas

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