In the guest chair: 

Margaret Lisi & Dana Barrett

Margaret Lisi & Dana Barrett

ST!R Marketing CEO and regular show contributor, Margaret Lisi joined Dana in studio this morning to discuss social media and how to decide on the best channel for promoting your brand and reaching your target audience.

Alex Horwitz, Vice President of Public Relations at Comcast also called into the show for an update on their deal with the Atlanta Braves.

ST!R Marketing is a storytelling agency, using communication to connect businesses with their clients through all forms of media.

In the headlines:

  • Okay, so now the State Road & Tollway Authority wants to incent you NOT to ride in the HOV lanes on I85 in Gwinnett. Apparently they’re too crowded. Sheesh.
  • Comcast and the Braves made a big announcement yesterday about the new SunTrust Park in Cobb County. Comcast will be building a 9-story tower near the new stadium, where they’ll be housing 1,000 (mostly new) employees AND they’re investing at least $100 million in a multi-terabit network that will make SunTrust Park and the surrounding community the most connected ballpark and mixed-use development in the United States. How’dya like us now, all you other cities-with-cool-stuff?
  • Starbucks is taking a big risk by talking about one of the most sensitive topics out there right now: race relations. But, Howard Schultz says ‘we can’t leave this to someone else’. They’ve started a “Race Together” campaign along with USA Today.
  • Whole Foods is looking at opening a flagship store in Midtown at the corner of 14th and West Peachtree. It would be a 60,000 sq. ft multi-story, urban style store that would be part of a new planned residential development there. Very cool. But if it happens, it won’t open it’s doors until 2018.
  • Yesterday, we were all duped. The story Dana reported about a protest of artificial intelligence at SXSW was actually an advertising stunt by a new dating app using human match-makers. Get it? Robots bad; humans good. Argh. All the media reported the protest like it was real. So annoying.

Other stuff:

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