In the guest chair:

Peggy Still Johnson and Dana Barrett

Peggy Still Johnson and Dana Barrett

Peggy Still Johnson, Executive Director of Callanwolde joined me to talk about her path from musician to music teacher to entrepreneur and how she got from there to heading up one of Atlanta’s hidden gems, Callanwolde.

She also shared a bit about the Leadership Atlanta and Leadership Dekalb programs and talked about some fun upcoming events at Callanwolde:

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And a mini-soapbox:

I really hate the automated “Thanks for the follow” messages people direct message me with on Twitter.  They’re annoying and they make the Twitter inbox basically unusable.  That’s why I was so pleased to get an actual personalized “thank you for the follow” from @Object9 – (  They used my name and referred to my show, so I knew they were actually humans and not bots.  As a digital marketing agency, they clearly get the relationship part, which is 90% of the battle in business.  Good for them — and good for their customers!