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Sarah Cyrus & Dana Barrett

Sarah Cyrus & Dana Barrett

SarahCyrus, Owner of Sarah Cyrus Home joined Dana live in studio to talk consignment furniture, design and Atlanta’s growing Westside Design District.

Sarah Cyrus Home is the Westside’s premiere destination to buy and sell timeless furniture and accessories. Their 6,500 square foot showroom combines modern, vintage, traditional and new designer brand names at a fraction of the retail price.

In the headlines:

  • Tesla could get the green light to expand in Georgia… Compromise legislation that would let California-based Tesla sell an unlimited number of its all-electric sedans in Georgia at five locations cleared a legislative committee Monday.
  • Simon Malls settled its lawsuit against Chef Tom Catherall over the Here to Serve Restaurants at Phipps and Lenox. Not sure what this means for Twist and Prime, but we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything.
  • Apple had to back down on undercutting competitors’ prices in the streaming music world. They wanted to offer monthly streaming at $7.99, but the industry pushed back and said $9.99 is as low as they can go.
  • Oprah is closing her HARPO studio in Chicago next year and most of the staff will be out of work… some as soon as next month and the rest over time until April 2016 when the remaining productions will be moved to LA.
  • Do subscription based internet services work for women’s clothes and accessories? One startup story says yes, one says no. Rocksbox is making headlines this week for being super cool, just as Wardrobe Wake-Up shuts its virtual doors.
  • Uber wants to put 1 million women worldwide behind the wheel by 2020. Doable? Good idea?

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