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With Jen Bonnett

Chief Chick at StartupChicks, Jen Bonnett, joined us in the studio today to talk women and startups.

StartupChicks is a networking and educational organization for women entrepreneurs. Jen founded StartupChicks in 2009 to connect with existing women entrepreneurs and grow/inspire future generations of women to become entrepreneurs.  StartupChicks has grown to over 1000 members.

Jen is a technology entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the Information Technology/Software Development field specializing in web and mobile technologies.

Notable Quotes:

“There are three types of exits: new car, new house, and new life.”-Jen Bonnett

“We’re in Atlanta, Savannah, Sarasota, and New York City. Seattle will be launching online in September.”-Jen Bonnett

“If you have $150 in Atlanta you can start a business in five days.”-Dana Barrett

“Entrepreneurship is really really hard. It’s been glamorized a lot recently. It’s a lot of hard work.”-Jen Bonnett

“At the end of the day we’re primarily about community but we also have education. We’re all entrepreneurs.”Jen Bonnett

“We call the men that come to our networking events friends of the chicks.”-Jen Bonnett

“The special sauce is the women in the room and the way they interact with each other.”-Jen Bonnett

“We want to connect with each other authentically.”-Jen Bonnett

“As disconnected as everybody says we all are we still crave that sense of belonging and community.”-Dana Barrett

“There is a lot you can do online but a lot happens when you get 30 passionate women in a room.”-Jen Bonnett

“It’s not just about having your own techniques for negotiation it’s about reading the other people as well.”-Dana Barrett

“There is a lot of talk about women owned businesses but not a lot about female founders which I find very intersting.”-Jen Bonnett

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