In the guest chair:

Sean Selman

Sean Selman

Sean Selman, Senior Business Communicator at ST!R Marketing joined Dana in studio to discuss the best methods for handling a business crisis.

ST!R Marketing is a storytelling agency, using communication to connect businesses with their clients through all forms of media. ST!R Marketing is experienced at helping their client partners develop the right messages for the right audiences that enable business transformation for their people, platforms and processes.

In the headlines:

  • Atlanta startup Hux has announced a major milestone… they have reached the $1 million run rate mark, just a year and a half since their launch. Founded in March 2014 with a $20k initial angel investment, the Atlanta-based technology startup disrupts the traditional service industry model by eliminating overhead costs and allowing customers to book services quickly and easily online.
  • Atlanta’s Zoning Review Board denied approval for a proposed $55 million office building in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward that would replace a cluster of dilapidated homes along North Avenue.
  • Consultants have been hired to help figure out what should happen in and around Turner Field now that the Braves are officially moving out. Architectural firm, Perkins + Will is going to help plan the future of the the area with grant financing approved by the Atlanta City Council.
  • The Confederate flag is back in the news this week… sort of… this time it’s the old GA state flag (that had the confederate flag built in) that is causing a stir. Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) is asking the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau to remove any reference to iconic Buckhead restaurant, OK Café from publications and its website if OK Café continues to display a 1956 Georgia state flag, which includes the Confederate battle emblem.
  • Female led American Apparel is warning that it may have to close it’s doors pretty soon. The company is going the wrong direction financially, posting bigger losses this quarter than last. They blame unfavorable foreign exchange rates, store closures and the lack of new spring and summer fashion lines. The company may be female led now, but former misogynistic CEO and company founder, Dov Charney is responsible for burning down his own brand, according to Dana. The charges of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination against him are outrageous and then, when caught, instead of apologizing and gracefully stepping aside he sued his own company. Dana’s take? Shut the door now… sorry to those of you who have stock but you should have seen the writing on the wall a long time ago and cut your losses.

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