In the guest chair:


With Dana Spinola and Meredith Eble of Fab’rik

Fab’rik Founder & CEO, Dana Spinola, and the first Atlanta Franchisee, Meredith Eble joined us in-studio today to talk about the business of fashion and style. Fab’rik is an affordable luxury boutique that focuses on the mission to deliver high style with heart, no attitude or sticker shock to women across the country.

Dana and Meredith talked about the organic growth of the business, their corporate culture and the effort to maintain a family feel while focusing on growth and Dana shared the details of her non-profit “free fabric” where she provides free, donated clothing to teens in need in a boutique atmosphere where they can feel special.

Notable Quotes:

“Culture is what makes our business. We have engrained in our culture that we are good to people and have a lot of fun.”-Dana Spinola

“I get to play dress up on a daily basis.”- Meredith Eble

“Our concept is everything is under $100.”-Dana Spinola

“I knew I loved business and I knew I loved fashion so I put the two together.”-Dana Spinola

“Shopping for bathing suits and shopping for jeans are a two things most women hate.”-Dana Barrett

In the headlines:

  • 70 Acres in the perimeter area hit the market yesterday. It’s the biggest potential land deal the area has seen in a long time.
  • And moving to a couple stories appropriate for Women on Wednesday, a former Tinder co-founder has sued for sexual harassment.
  • Avon has announced job cuts
  • Facebook has released it’s diversity numbers and apparently the women there aren’t leaning in hard enough.
  • And local sweetheart Spanx is announcing a new product line aimed at supporting women on casual days too.