In the guest chair:

Lisa Calhoun & Dana Barrett

Lisa Calhoun & Dana Barrett

Lisa Calhoun, General Partner with Valor Ventures joined Dana in studio to discuss this newly formed, female led venture capital firm headquartered in Atlanta.

Joining via phone, COINED author, Kabir Sehgal discussed how currency has shaped our history and what happens to us psychologically when we handle money.

In the headlines:

  • Comcast wants to help eliminate the “digital divide.” They have announced that they are doubling the download speed of their Internet Essentials broadband service for low-income families and will begin providing in-home Wi-Fi service, including a Wi-Fi router, at no additional cost.  (Internet Essentials is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive high-speed Internet adoption program and has connected more than 27,000 Atlanta area families. It provides low-cost, high-speed Internet service; the option to purchase an Internet-ready computer at a steep discount; and multiple options for free digital literacy training).

  • One Georgia University is on the Princeton Review top 10 party schools list this year – and 2 are on the “Stone Cold Sober List.” UGA is #8 on the party schools list. Agnes Scott and Spelman on the “Stone Cold Sober” list. (Coincidence that they are all girls schools?).

  • Metro Atlanta hospitals need to step it up when it comes to preventing hospital-acquired infections, according to Consumer Reports. The magazine looked at 11 hospitals in the region with more than 400 beds, and only one — West Georgia Health in LaGrange, Ga. — achieved a high rating. Dana has the solution for them: it’s called Clean Hands Safe Hands and it is a system that tracks hand washing and sanitation and reminds medical personnel to wash up. C’mon hospitals… get with the program and stop making us sicker.

  • The Georgia Film Academy has named its first executive director and Dana was excited to announce that it’s a personal friend of hers, Jeffrey Stepakoff. Jeffrey has worked in film and television for over 28 years writing, producing and creating content for shows like The Wonder Years, Sisters, Flipper, Major Dad, Beauty & the Beast and Dawson’s Creek. He has also written popular video games and is a bestselling novelist, and a tenured professor at Kennesaw State University where he teaches film and television writing.

  • Intel and Georgia Tech are teaming up to get more women into STEM careers. Intel Corp. will invest $5 million at Georgia Tech over the next five years to boost the number of woman and minorities in computer science and engineering.

  • The National Venture Capital Association diversity task force will issue proposals in the fall aimed at attracting more women and under-represented groups to the VC and startup worlds. Forty-five firms — including Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and New Enterprise Associates — signed a pledge from the National Venture Capital Association that was presented to President Barack Obama at the first White House Demo Day.

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