In the guest chair: 

Diane Pfeifer, Lisa Tanker & Dana Barrett

Diane Pfeifer, Lisa Tanker & Dana Barrett

It’s Women on Wednesday on The Dana Barrett Show!
During hour one, Diane Pfeifer, Owner of Grits Bits & Strawberry Patch joined Dana in studio to talk things grits and cooking! Diane also shared her incredible story & explained how she became an entrepreneur.


On the Vein Innovations: VITAL EDGE segment, Fitness and Lifestyle Expert, Lisa Tanker, discussed how to live a healthy lifestyle and feel good while doing it!


During hour two,  Courtney Vann, Director of Corporate Sales for ROAM: Innovative Workplace, joined Dana to discuss the new ROAM location in Buckhead.


In the national headlines:
  • The Apple vs. FBI debate continues
  • Macy’s is making a comeback, despite Donald Trump calling for a boycott of the retailer and me getting on them for being open on Thanksgiving AND just generally having lost their edge.
  • An update on the lying liars at VW… According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Volkswagen’s new chief Matthias Müller is surprising some insiders with his campaign to shake up the company’s culture by bringing in executives from outside the company and shedding some of its imperial trappings.
In the local headlines: