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With Ladon Whitmire of 1 For You and 1 To Give Bracelets

Founder of 1 For You & 1 to Give Bracelets, Ladon Whitmire, joined us in the studio today to talk about giving. Whitmire specializes in making gemstone bracelets that are sold in close to 20 stores in around the Southeast. She started 1 for u and 1 to give bracelets that come in pairs with the idea of giving in mind.  In addition to encouraging giving in her customers, she also gives 10% of her proceeds to charity.

Notable Quotes:

“People in this world just have too much time on their hands to complain about things that don’t matter.”-Dana Barrett

“Leave freakin Barbie alone!! It’s a toy!”-Dana Barrett

“I’m giving away 50 bracelets to the first 50 who like the GiveBracelets Facebook page.”-Ladon Whitmire

“It’s a long process making the bracelets, but I did it and I love giving back.”-Ladon Whitmire

“There is something to be said for acknowledging our difficulties but also moving forward.”-Dana Barrett

“Apparently I’m typing impaired because I try to text hi mom and it ends up being in a different language.”-Dana Barrett

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