Nancy Chorpenning joined me for the first ever Women on Wednesdays segment on the Dana Barrett Show.  Nancy  is the Founder & Managing Director of Atlanta-based C-Suite Advisors and the new CEO School for Women.

She joined me for a round-up of the headlines, including:

  • Atlanta being ranked among the top 10 cities with apartments under $1000/month rent, AND…
  • The crazy-movie-like madness that is the “Lost” Malaysian Airlines flight 370.
    • We talk about crowd souring to help search the vast miles of open water
    • And why the black box has to be locked in the black box on the plane.  Wouldn’t it be more helpful if it was sent outside the plane via satellite?

We then focused the discussion on the challenges companies face when moving from start-up mode to growth mode and we talked about how crowd-funding has really been helpful to women owned business.

Here are some of the links Nancy referred to on the show:

CEO School for Women
Taming Technology Workshops: Today’s Technology for Women Entrepreneurs
The Invest Georgia Exemption (IGE)  (Crowdfunding for equity in GA)