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Pam Yagoda & Dana Barrett

Pam Yagoda & Dana Barrett

Who wants a 35.1% raise? Well, Georgia DOT chief Russell McMurry will be receiving one. That story tops today’s local headlines on The Dana Barrett Show.

During hour one, the lovely Pam Yagoda, Retirement Specialist at Southern Advisors joined us in studio to discuss planning for your retirement and explained why you need to start saving!

Shane Kenny, CEO and Founder of FilterSnap was in during hour two to talk all things filters. Shane explained that you should change your filters three times a month, and FilterSnap makes the process easy and convenient.

Shane Kenny & Dana Barrett

Shane Kenny & Dana Barrett

Adam Levin, Founder and Chairman IDT911 and Author of “Swiped” phoned in to discuss cyber security and why we all need to be more cautious.

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