WoW: Sexual Harassment From A Legal Standpoint, The Atlanta Dream’s New Coach, and One Woman’s Path the C-Suite

Show Guests:
In hour one:
Ed Buckley, Managing Partner at Buckley Beal Law Firm joined us to discussed the federal and state laws surrounding sexual harassment.
Next, Nicki Collen the new Head Coach of The Atlanta Dream joined us on her first day in Atlanta. We got to know a little bit about her journey and her plans for the 2018 season.  Want to see Nicki in action? The Dream has set up some special discounted tickets for her first game:
In hour two: 
Aptean CTO, Jenny Peng joined us to talk about her career and journey to the C-Suite.  She also talked about what women can do to become technology leaders within their organizations and how to overcome obstacles.
In the Local Headlines:
  • Chamber swarms NYC to make ‘bold declaration’ about Atlanta business
  • Tort reform group puts Georgia on watch list of ‘Judicial Hellholes’
In the National Headlines:
In the Women on Wednesday Headlines


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