In the guest chair:
Dana had the pleasure of kicking off the show with VeinInnovations President and CEO, David Martin and one of his patients,  Lisa Jones. Today was the first installment of  Vital Edge, a new segment brought to you by Vein Innovations. Lisa described her journey with Vein Innovations and how it changed her life. David dished on what procedures they offer and what new technologies and procedures are in the works.
Nancy Chorpenning, Managing Director of C-Suite Advisors was also in to dish on salary negotiations and knowing your worth, while author, speaker, and TV personality, Patrice Washington explained how she went from seeking money to seeking wisdom.
VeinInnovations was founded by Martin in 2002. He was among the first in the Southeast offering varicose vein sufferers a way to be diagnosed and treated quickly via minimally-invasive, in-office procedures. VeinInnovations was the first facility of its kind in Atlanta to offer every available technique for the treatment of venous insufficiency and varicose/spider veins. Thirteen years later, VeinInnovations is widely regarded as the leader in office-based treatment of venous disease.
C-Suite Advisors was founded 10 years ago and helps women build successful businesses that they LOVE.
Patrice is a personal finance coach and national speaker dedicated to encouraging, empowering and equipping women and youth with practical tools to seek the wisdom necessary to take action, accomplish their goals and find the wealth they desire in every area of life.
 In the national headlines:
  • Remember Martin Shkreli – the guy who upped the price of drug by a bajillion dollars and then got indicted for fraud?  Well now that he’s been fired from all of his jobs and is awaiting trial, he’s apparently bored so he is streaming hours and hours of his boring life on Youtube.  And people are watching.  I am seriously starting to lose my faith in humanity.  People… find something else to do.
  • And things are getting worse for FanDuel and DraftKings… now Texas may be trying to shut them out too.  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said that the sites violate the state laws prohibiting gambling though at this point it’s unclear whether or not he’ll take legal action.
In the Women on Wednesday headlines
  • Girls Who Code, a national nonprofit is about to make coding even more accessible to girls by providing scholarships to girls to participate in their programs.  The organizations summer programs are already free – but many underprivileged girls who want to participate can’t because they need to earn money during the summer.  The new scholarship program aims to solve that problem.
  • Yahoo’s Marissa Meyer put her foot in her mouth at an employee meeting last week after the company had publicly announced layoffs she “joked” that the there would be no lay offs… pause… pause “this week”.  The remark got a few nervous laughs and basically just showed she totally doesn’t get it.
  • Former American Apparel Inc. CEO Dov Charney’s goal of retaking control of the company he founded has hit a wall.American Apparel’s board has rejected a $300 million takeover bid because Charney and his supporters couldn’t or wouldn’t commit about $130 million needed to stop the current bankruptcy proceedings and payoff debts, according to Bloomberg.
In the local headlines:
  • Congrats to yet another Atlanta startup raising money!  Software startup Gather, who has developed a product to help restaurants and venues manage and grow their private events business has raised $2.5 million.
  • The Atlanta Business Chronicle is reporting that Kaiser Permanente is expanding again in metro Atlanta, with plans to locate hundreds of jobs at a new location in Gwinnett County.  Neither the company nor the county commenting yet, but they say there will be an official announcement of some kind on Thursday.
  • Delta is making money hand over fist thanks to lower fuel costs.  In 2015, annual revenue went up 1 percent to $40.7 billion but profit increased by more than $3 billion  to $4.53 billion, or $5.63 a share.  So why do they keep making their frequent flyer program stinkier and stinkier?
  • Ever wonder how Usher became Usher?  Well now you can learn directly from the Atlanta born pop star.  He’s teaching a MasterClass.  It’s an online course that teaches “the art of performance, diving into how to captivate an audience, prepare for live performance and create a personal brand.”

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