In the guest chair:

Craig Johnson and Dana Barrett

Craig Johnson and Dana Barrett

Matchstic CEO & Co-Founder, Craig Johnson joined me in the studio today to talk about brand identity and what it really means.  We covered things like color (something I never thought about), reputation, and the idea that your customers may not see you the way you see yourself.

Note: I chose blue for my logo and am bummed to know that it’s the “safest” color.  I hate being safe.  Time to go skydiving, I guess!

As our brand conversation continued, we touched on things like company name changes, and when and why rebranding is necessary.  I also decided the word “brand” is overused and thought maybe we could replace it with the word “cow” instead.  Not sure that will be widely adopted.

On the phone:

91wckaBjajL._SL1500_Steven Raichlen, multi-award winning journalist, television host, and New York Times bestselling author of PLANET BARBEQUE and BARBECUE! BIBLE has written a new book about the tools, techniques, and tricks a man needs to feel confident and competent in the kitchen.  MAN MADE MEALS: The Essential Cookbook for Guys is out now and Steven is in Atlanta today promoting!   Talk and signing at 7:00 p.m. tonight at Norcross Cultural Arts Center, 10 College Street, Norcross; hosted by Eagle Eye Book Store and Gwinnett Public Library.  Stephen joined our chat about brands today, talking about his own brand and his pivots from BBQ to fiction to manly cooking (like with a blowtorch!).

In the headlines:

  • Coca-Cola (our hometown company) is facing several lawsuits over unsolicited text messages.  Frankly I don’t get it.  We got to talking about why someone would deserve cash compensation from receiving an unwanted text message.  This led to a discussion of the punishment not fitting the crime in this country – and my deep sadness for the gentleman who was driving the truck that ACCIDENTALLY hit the limo carrying Tracy Morgan and several other comedians.  (I got Tracy’s name wrong the air – whoops!).  My feeling… it was a terrible accident.  A sad tragedy for all involved.  The driver, Kevin Roper, will have to live with the guilt for the rest of his life.  Something I cannot imagine.  But I really don’t believe he is a criminal.  And I believe that putting him in jail with “real” criminals is wrong.  And terribly sad.
  • The long time landmark Ruth’s Chris restaurant is leaving Sandy Springs for Alpharetta
  • 54 Georgians have been charged in an $18 million dollar fraud scheme aimed at food stamp and WIC (Women, Infants, Children) programs.
  • Paula Deen is saying no to network TV and yes to doing her own thing.  Good move?  Not sure.  We ran out of time to talk about it today, so we’ll hit it on tomorrow’s show!