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With Zach Ellard

General Manager of Zipcar Atlanta, Zach Ellard, joined us in the studio today to talk all things transportation and car sharing.

Founded in 2000, Zipcar operates the world’s leading car sharing network. Zipcar provides the freedom of “wheels when you want them” to its members, known as “Zipsters,” giving them a convenient, cost-effective and enjoyable alternative to car ownership. Zipcar’s self-service vehicles are available on-demand in conveniently-located reserved parking spots in neighborhoods where members live and work.

Zach has been with Zipcar for two years and manages the day to day operations within Atlanta.

Notable Quotes:

“We started in 2000 creating a new type of urban transportation. It’s a affordable and a sustainable alternative to owning a car.”-Zach Ellard

“Millenials and college students are our biggest customers here in Atlanta.”-Zach Ellard

“We obsess about the member experience. We are always talking to our members and trying to delight them.”-Zach Ellard

“When you put the customer first it really sets you up for success because you care at every level about the customer.”-Zach Ellard

” I’m just sick of surveys in general. I think people are sick of having to tell what they think all the time.”-Dana Barrett

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